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 Rules for Roleplay and General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Rules for Roleplay and General Forum Rules   Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:45 pm

1. All characters must have no fewer than 2 flaws of each kind. (Character flaws such as fears and such, and power flaws such as draw backs.)

2. No character will have more than 1 power set. (This means if you have heat vision, you might throw fire balls but will not be say flying or using super strength.)

3. Each player will be given additional characters based on ability and performance. (1 to start, and 2 is the current limit.)

4. Each character must have a thorough background and plausible creation story. (This means how you acquired your power and learned to use it if your character has done so.)

5. For lack of a better word; no god modding and such.

6. Legacy Items CAN NOT be weapons.

7. No two Legacy Items are exactly alike. Please, try to differentiate your items amongst yourselves.

General Forum Rules.

1. No spamming OOC (Out of Character) and such in unspecified areas.

2. Please treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

3. Please assist all rookies and newbies if asked.

4. PM one of the staff members with any issues and we will respond as quickly as possible.

5. If anything is not specified here and it seems to be common sense, then please don't be an ass.
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Rules for Roleplay and General Forum Rules
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