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[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Name: Meidas Roseheart

Age: 16.

Race: Human (Though now corrupted).

Class: Necromancer.

Gender: Female.

Height: 160 cm.

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Eye Color: Light Red.

Notable Facial Qualities: Her eyes shine with an inhuman eerie glow, making their color unique.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Her skin is quite pale, almost unlike a human and her touch is cold as if possessing no body warmth. This is due to the fact that he body functions on negative energy instead of positive much like an undead: She is damaged by otherwise healing magic and is revitalized by the dark and harmful ones, the latter of which she can expel at will from her body- This behavior is due to her Legacy Item which gradually corrupts her body and soul.

Personality:She was once a kind and well educated girl, only little of which remains in her current state. Through many months of exposure to the most vile evils and being forced to commit outrageous unholy acts she has become a warped twisted being. She is normally kind and likable albeit rather timid and antisocial but harbors no interest or sympathy for life- believing it to be meaningless and ephemeral thanks to her vast experience with the undead; as such she won't be hesitant to simply take or play with the life of another creature.

Sometimes she may appear like a heartless monster of pure evil while other times she would seem docile and harmless. In reality she is just a tortured soul, forced to do evil by her Legacy Item- On some occasions she would completely lose her mind to these whispers and temptations and obey- committing many atrocities only to wake up and suffer further knowing what she had unwillingly done.

The multiple personalities make her hard to deal with for those strangers of her condition- she may at any time do completely unexpected things and is completely unstable and volatile. Finally, despite her most wicked side only occasionally manifesting itself, she has accepted the forces of darkness (Devils and Undead) as her allies and will openly partake in their wicked rituals and enlist their aid whenever necessary.

Fears/Phobias: There is nothing she fears more than the power of her Item. It has tortured her both physically and mentally countless times, forcing her to obey- She is unwilling to abandon her evil quest in fear of the torments that would befall her should she fail. With time her conscience has degraded and she has stopped caring for the consequences of her other acts. Sometimes she may be reluctant to use her Legacy Item as it is very painful to utilize.

Other Characteristic Flaws: As was previously mentioned she is extremely unstable and unpredictable, trait that often ends up badly for her. She is unable to make friends or allies of the more just people, is unable to enter churches of benevolent gods or other holy grounds lest she suffer great pain- the same goes for their holy symbols. Her practices are reviled by society and she commonly won't be accepted should the truth about her come to light.

Finally, she is ill prepared for life out on her own- lacking the many skills to make it comfortably away from home- forcing her to endure many hardships when lacking allies mortal allies (Almost always).


Legacy Item: "Necronomicon" The most deadly and feared item of all. This cursed book is the holy grail of necromancy and demonology. The artifact is inhabited by many dark creatures of the abyss including a powerful Elder Devil sealed within it centuries ago. It is this Elder Devil "Belial" who has the most control of the item and acts as its primary conscience. This powerful entity seeks to make his way out of the book to remain it's throne it hell- achieve this he will torment the item's owner, forcing them to do his bidding by sheer force (Torture and Torments) so that they may release him, a complicated and convoluted task that takes many years of preparation. During this time Belial will often ask for evil to be committed and mortal souls be offered to him, making the quest much more terrifying that it should.

Individual Powers: The book is coveted by many wicked Magi and even other demons and devils thanks to the powerful mythical lore contained within it. Those manage to study the book have the privilege of learning all manner of evil and necromantic spells many of which cannot be found anywhere else. Besides the vast collection of spells it also contains a detailed explanation of many rituals and incantations revolving around devils and demons- not to mention a plethora of information about all of the creatures the tome allows you to deal with.

Despite it's great power, only the equally mighty may truly unlock it's potential. To Meidas it simply works as an unique spellbook that improves her "necrotic" abilities and teaches her the dealings of devils and demons... That is until she becomes strong enough to access the forbidden magics within it. If anything, however, it is the Legacy Item that uses Meidas more than she uses it.

Necronomicon is no common book at possesses many other magical qualities. It has a seemingly endless amount of pages though it's volume looks limited when closing- extending as you flip through them. The book is also shrouded in a powerful evil aura and protected with various enchantments set in it across many centuries to keep it away from the wrong hands- Nearly anyone besides the chosen attempting to read this book risk their soul being instantly forfeit and fed to the devils inside. Utilizing this artifact puts an extreme toll on the user: It is extremely painful and quickly corrupts the owner with each use- which is why Meidas suffers so many aliments- Only through the protection from Belial is she able to tap into the book's power without horrible backslash.

Even further, the Elder Devil Belial who inhabits the book can manifest some of his own powers. Casting some spells and summoning dark creatures when emergencies arise. He is also able to consume the souls of subdued or weakened mortals to fuel himself- though this requires a rather impractical ritual to perform, so only very rarely has it been achieved.

When/How your item manifested: The moment Meidas inherited the artifact from her parents was when Belial awoke within it. For countless generation he had slumbered within this item waiting for the day the chosen would grasp it, one of the Roseheart family born with the highest concentration of devil blood which had been passed down almost unknowingly for many ears. He chose not to publicly manifest himself, instead whispering exclusively to Meidas- It was only when she had been freed from her family that the devil would truly manifest himself to the girl through dialogue and hallucinations that only she could perceive.

Form of Familiar: There is no animal form, the monsters within the book may communicate with Meidas telepathically or through images forced onto her mind. Belial has physical control over the book, and may levitate or move it's pages at will as long as it doesn't get too far from Meidas.


Country of Origin: Meridan.

Trained Skills: Knowledgeable almost everything undead or demonic. Understanding of the ancient religions of Meridan which she formerly practiced. Decent knowledge of Arcana spellcraft while proficient in these magical arts.
Highly in-proficient in most practical/useful skills.

Current Occupation: Traveler and occasional spell-caster for hire.

Background Information: Born to the prestigious Paladin/Cleric Roseheart family the girl had quite a legacy to live up to. The Roseheart family had been tasked from centuries past to protect the devilish tome Necronomicon which they had procured and kept away from the wrong hands ever since. The Roseheart helped seal the Elder Devil Belial within this book but unfortunately they required to make a pact with rival devils to achieve this in which demon blood was forever bound to the family- It was only a very small concentration and was soon thought to have diluted to nothingness across generations... This was until Meidas was born, possessing the most devil blood since the original pact was made (Still not much).

At age 15 she was tasked with the job of continuing the century-long tradition of safekeeping the Necronomicon, which for the first time awakened and began slowly straying the girl off her path. Before a year had passed she was already going mad and her family realized there was something off... When they confronted Meidas about it Belial revealed himself for the first time and attacked them, forcing the girl to abandon her home afterwards.

Now blamed for the attacks she was cast out and persecuted by the authorities of Meridan. She had no choice but to flee the country in order to live. By now Belial had explained many things to the girl and made her aware of her new wicked mission. Tough reluctant to do these evil things that went against all she had learned she found herself without a choice... She would be tortured into submission and eventually complied (Greatly worsening her condition). With only this item she set out to complete the long quest to release the devil and rid herself of this curse, along the way adapting to the dark arts as if they were the most natural thing...

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