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PostSubject: Shaen Vysaria   Shaen Vysaria EmptySun Sep 09, 2012 12:29 am

Name: Shaen Vysaria

Age: 21 years of age, during the coming winter (appears to be about 17)

Race: Mostly human

Class: Scholar/cleric, will occasionally play music like a bard

Gender: Male

Height: Five feet, four inches

Weight: A bit shy of 120 pounds

Hair Color: Very dark, kind of a cross between black and navy blue

Eye Color: Dark blue, wears glasses when trying to read

Notable Facial Qualities: He looks human, except that his ears are slightly malformed, which perhaps indicates that he may not be entirely human. His dark hair is straight, hangs down to about his shoulders and is always tied neatly back in a low ponytail.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Shaen is usually clothed in loose, but well-kept, dark coloured clothing. Over his tunic and pants, he usually wears a dark blue cloak with an inner lining that is a silvery-grey in colour. He often has a long, black walking staff with him and a shoulderbag with various items. A long scar runs along his right forearm, but this is hidden by his sleeves.

Personality: Shaen is extremely curious about other cultures and people. He likes watching others, just to see if they will react how he thinks they will and (secretly) it brings him great pleasure when they do something contrary to what he expects. He also possesses above average intelligence. He has a soft spot for small children, animals and anything or anyone that cannot defend itself. For the most part, he tends to be kind and compassionate, though a bit reserved. He is quiet and prefers observation to direct action, even if this causes problems later on. For the most part, he is a hard worker and was taught to work to excellence in whatever he does. He has taken the priest's warning to heart.

Fears/Phobias: Blood and guts. Otherwise, he would've walked the path of a healer. He is quite squeamish, especially when it comes to injured people. Also, he is very afraid of ghosts and spirits and stuff like that.

Other Characteristic Flaws: Due to spending most of his life reading and learning how to sew and stuff like that, he is physically weak. That isn't to say he doesn't have good endurance... he can run or walk for a very long time if he wants to, but he has a hard time lifting or carrying heavy items. Sometimes even a textbook weighs too much. He is also fairly timid and tends to shy away from confrontation of any sort.


Legacy Item: He has a holy symbol crafted primarily out of wood, metal and leather that is tied to the end of his staff.

Individual Powers: Shaen has yet to figure out what is actually going on with his staff. In fact, currently he does not even seem to be aware that part of it is a legacy item. The little bit that he has noticed happening is that his defensive spells seem to be unusually stronger and he has been able to learn healing magic, despite not having been trained as a healer. He has also noticed that if he hurts someone with magic, he seems to take quite a bit of backlash effect.

When/How your item manifested: Shaen's staff was a gift to him by one of the priests during his training. One day, while exploring outisde of the city, he picked up a trinket that looked much like the holy symbol for one of the ancient deities. When he went back home that afternoon, he crafted a leather braid and tied it to the end of his staff. Even now, it remains fastened where he tied it. Currently, other than slight hints of something perhaps being odd about the staff, the familiar has not yet manifested.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): A small bird-like creature (I will post a picture once I can find a good one because it is kind of difficult to explain) that speaks in squeaks.


Country of Origin: His ancient ancestors hailed from the land of Kakazu and many of them followed the druidic path. He, however, has been residing in Meridan for most of his life.

Trained Skills: Skilled at reading and writing and mathematics, tailoring, has basic knowledge of survival and the natural healing arts (basic herb remedies, first aid), cleric (divine) magic (primarily defensive and stun, some healing), thinking (has a good memory), can cook decently, sense motive/insight, fairly extensive knowledge of religion and philosophy

Current Occupation: Was apprenticed to a tailor, now is a traveler and does some odd jobs

Background Information: The earliest he can remember, Shaen and his sister, Tiri, were living at a church in Meridan. One of the priests taught them both how to read and write and Shaen quickly developed an aptitude for learning. Shaen stayed at the church until he was nearly fourteen years of age and during that time, he helped cook, memorized many of the religious writings and learned the basics of healing arts and a little divine magic. He also enjoyed playing his flute during the church services. In the spring after his fifteenth birthday, he began his apprenticeship to the town's tailor. Originally, he had requested to further his study in the healing arts, but this was deemed an ill fit for him after he nearly fainted at the sight of a little girl with a broken arm. Although tailoring was very difficult for him to learn at first, he has since become competent in the making and (especially) repairing of clothing.
About a year ago, there was a terrible tragedy in Meridan and his sister was nearly killed. The clerics and paladins of the area could do little about it. Shaen had always cared very deeply for his younger sister and, because her well-being was in danger, he decided to set out in search for answers. He vowed to discover the truth behind the what happened and put an end to the suffering, no matter what it would cost him. Ever since then, he has been traveling and doing odd jobs to make a living.

Life Experiences: Does not remember his father (who was killed when he was very young), mother dropped him and his sister off at a church in Meridan when they were children, apprenticed to a tailor, has been traveling since his sister fell ill a year ago.

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