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PostSubject: Ezaerith Blackwell   Ezaerith Blackwell EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 7:29 pm

Name: Ezaerith Blackwell

Age: 17

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Notable Facial Qualities: Her eyes seem to always be cold and calculating, as if discerning how she is going to kill you.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Rather light, weak frame. Not much force would be required to damage her severely.

Personality: Rather lighthearted, yet carefree, though not to the point of insanity.

Fears/Phobias: Failure, abandonment, godly arts

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): Ezaerith is a very deceptive woman. With her appearance, weak body, and twisted tongue, she is able to talk her way anywhere.


Legacy Item: Her wrist cuff, which is a silver band, with carvings of the words of her father, a legendary assassin.

Individual Powers: While not possessing supernatural powers, her powers are slightly above human understanding. For one, she is deadly accurate with her bow. She has yet to miss a target. She is also as lethal with knives, more of a deadeye trait.

When/How your item manifested: She was part of the Thieve's Guild, and had went on a raid of a manor. While the mission was successful, one of her guild members disappeared. And, when they had been abandoned by the rest of the guards, he revealed himself, saving the rest of them from imprisonment. Whenever she is wearing this cuff, the entire world appears in a world of focus. This, obviously, is the reason for her extreme precision with ranged weapons.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): Her familiar is in the form of a horse. This horse, however, is not an average horse. He is rather small-ish in size, which is good for Ezaerith's height. He has a golden mane with black fur all around his body. He is rather fast, for just a horse, but she knew there was more behind it. She currently calls him Grath, for he seemed to respond to that rather well.


Country of Origin: Unknown to her, it is Versath.

Trained Skills: She has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, by a very well-known monk. She is also in the process of learning the art of medicine-making by a druid in Zetrionith, which she is somewhat struggling with, but learning the ropes as she goes.

Current Occupation: She works for nobody, as she attempts to keep her identity as secret as possible. However, she has performed contracts as an assassin, she has no set employer.

Background Information: Ezaerith didn't remember much. One day, about a year from the current day, she woke up laying in a snowy plain. She did not know who she was with, where she was from, or what she was currently looking for. She walked nearly miles till she found a small village, and lived briefly with this elderly couple. They did more for her then anyone in her life had, although she would not have known this. Afterwards, she departed for Zetrionith, as the Thieve's Guild was based there. She tries to avoid staying in the same place for more then one night at a time, for the fear that an enemy may find her, or a possible assassin. In many places, such as Tatrum, she had a bounty on her head. By modifying her appearance as best she could, she has avoided capture, but now the city of Tatrum had begun to deploy assassins, offering a hefty reward for her capture. She is currently a member of the thieves guild, under the guidance of Ram'Kur, who had proved to be a worthy ally during the raid in which she had recovered her wrist cuff. Although trusting no one, she had nestled into the Thieve's Guild, and now considered them family.

Life Experiences: The shift in power in Tatrum, the Great Blizzard in Versath, the shift of power in the Thieve's Guild.
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