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 Character Guidelines

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Character Guidelines Empty
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Character Races

---Other advanced races may be permitted with approval and a good backstory.---


Fighter - Generalized combatant. You are talented at martial combat. Often specializing in a weapon type to enhance your ability.

Sorcerer - You are an caster of the arcane arts. Your magical ability has not been learned through years of training or given to you by a god. Your magical ability comes from your lineage somewhere in your bloodline lies a dragonic origin.- You do not like to wear armor as it weakens your magical energies.

Cleric - You are a caster of the divine magical arts. You believe your power comes from your god(s). You often spend your time worshiping and will do whatever your religion demands of you.

Monk - You are the human weapon. You are trained to make your body as powerful as any weapon. Specializing in speed and percision over brute force,; you are also trained in a few outside weapons other then your fists but always in a non killing manner, unless provoked otherwise. These may be anything from Nunchucks, Tonfas, and Staves.

Wizard - You are the thinker, the scholar, the mage. Your spells come from a book and take time each day to prepare. Though you cannot cast them from memory like a sorcerer does, you do, however, have access to a far more variety of spells as a sorcerer can only remember a few at any given time. You are or have been an attendant at one of the major magical institutions.

Druid - You are the nature's knight. You cast nature related divine oriented spells. When the weather suddenly shifts or the ground quakes beneath you or even just a tree decides to mysteriously crush someone you will often find a druid pulling the strings. You are often seen with your animal companion always a small animal like a wolf, small tiger, or bird of prey. You do not wear or use metalic weapons or armor.

Paladin - You are a warrior for your lord or order. You will do whatever is asked of you by your king or your leading party. You, however, are the greatest symbol of good in the current world. This must be apparent in your chracter design. You are a competent martial fighter and can cast low level divine magic.

Barbarian - You are entirely based in melee combat. You use your emotions and adrenaline to increase your fighting ability. In combat, you can often lose track of who is your friend or foe; sometimes you might wanna just keep fighting, regardless of whos left in your path. You are crude and chaotic. Most barbarians come from the desert.

Ranger- Your character is based on even parts melee combat and ranged combat. You are good at both, but not great at either. You are a great addition to any combatant group. You can also use very low level divine magic. You are also a trained tracker.

Scout - You are entirely based on ranged combat. You are also a trained forest tracker and wilderness survivor. You have many ways of delivering lethal ranged attacks. Making use of Crossbows, Bows, Slings and the occasional spear.

Ninja - You are the covert warrior. You use several different tactics and ancient techniques to slay your fows. You believe in a system of "Ki" and use it to fortify your abilities and attacks.

Rogue - You are the jack of all trades. You are the cunning liar, the charismatic king, the fork-tounged warrior. You use your ability of deceptive combat, combined with a knack of many skills to defeat your foes or just getting them to do what you want.

Bard - You are the music playing mage. You cast spells through your music and have a knack for hearing the words of others, as well as spreading your own. You are the great story teller, the masterful musician. What someone might think is just a heart filled ballad could, in face, be a dangerous illusionary spell in disguise.

These are examples to help make character creations, not defined guidelines. All characters concepts must be approved.
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Character Guidelines
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