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 Chapter 1: The Search Begins!

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: The Search Begins!   Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:47 pm

[time: approximately 7 A.M. The setting is the Thieve's Guild hideout, where there is a slightly tense mood in the air, as Ezaerith studies a map of Versath]

"Damn this all..I should be out searching now, if he had just met my deadline..." Ezaerith said in earnest, as thoughts raced in and out of her mind. She was supposed to meet a contact from Tatrum, who had information on a recent event in the city. Seeing as she was absent, while out pursuing a target, it seemed somewhat of a scare that something that huge could happen, and nobody would be speaking of it. For days now, she had been walking the streets, looking for signs that could explain what had happened. However, her contact, who was supposed to meet her 2 days ago, had missed their appointment. Whether he had been caught up in a struggle, or an ambush, or something else important were to arise.. This was a great concern for her as well. Whatever happened to her contact, it had to be something rather extreme, as she had offered a great sum of money for this to occur. No one in their right mind would miss an opportunity like this.

The hideout had seemed rather empty that night, nobody was around when she came in. A couple of trainees had come through, all looking for Ramelus. Where was he? Had he been caught up in that event as well as the others? She found a mysterious structure on her map, one she had most likely passed over a million times, and never noticed. She decided that in the evening, she would head out to investigate that. She decided that travelling under the cover of night would benefit her most. The one thing she hated more then anything was being followed. And so, with her decision for today made, she went to gather all the materials she would need to travel.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: The Search Begins!   Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:49 pm

Ugh.. finally reaching the end of those tunnels proved to be a relief for Ramelus. His men may be skilled thieves, but can't seem to make a smooth path with some shovels. The second that foot gets healed, some mage is going to have to put some plating over those walls to actually walk there. "Too bad you don't have wings!" Bat chucked, appearing for a brief moment. For now, the light was starting to peek through in one of the curtained entrances to the underground, which was good enough for now. Climbing his way up, he was glad to be out of those caves as he made sure everyone knew of his return with a stomp. Ever since he had made his post as the leader, things definitely seemed to change as far as people's opinions towards him. Not just in the good way either.. people seemed to avert where his eyes would be on his mask as he walked by and they'd tense up all the same. It wasn't as if he was a stranger to them.. still, things did somewhat tense after he joined. Maybe it was the horns.

"Someone fetch me a medic for my foot! Be on your way to my quarters when you do, I have work to do."

Not a man of many words with his mask on, he huddled along the halls of the facility. Dimly lit by candles, there wasn't much to look for in the way of extravagance in their living conditions. To hide from the authorities, the Thieves' Guild had to make their base of operations somewhere far below that they couldn't be tracked down as easily. That being said, they were a good 2 1/2 meters under the dirt so that all their ruckus didn't catch on to the local pub above them. That also meant that their lighting wasn't as special with lanterns and the sort. It got the job done, and the actual structures themselves had great craftsmanship. A shame that the craftsman died after building this set-up, too. Thieves don't like to pay too often.

Once he arrived in his small tactical area which also served as his quarters, he laid the girl down on the nearest table, giving her some time to recover from the trip. Ramelus's room did not represent the rest of the area in the slightest, having bright lighting and fancy tiles to distinguish it. Those were part of the perks of being the Guildmaster, though. Knowing Ms.Roseheart, she'd most likely start blabbing soon to show that she was still okay.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: The Search Begins!   Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:38 am

What followed was completely of no surprise to the young necromancer: The kidnapper took the girl into some dark damp hole inhabited by other good-for-nothing cutthroats like himself. Granted, this dark, cold and secret environment was actually something she could enjoy (Like every Necromancer) but the current situation only made her loathe the thing. For most of the trip she remained rather quiet, paying attention to her surroundings. Now that the kidnapper had turned her to face forward she managed to get a good view of the place and the way in - should she ever need to escape or return for bloody revenge she would be ready. It seemed like an incredibly irresponsible or shortsighted act to let the girl get all this information, she would be sure to do him a favor and make him realize it.

The trip came to an end and she found herself completely unbound over a table in what seemed to be the kidnapper's private quarters. So they were now both alone in a small place with the girl unrestrained and the man slightly injured in the foot... Was he stupid or something? Did he truly believe Mei was a harmless damsel in distress? From the looks of the room he was at least pretty high-ranked in this place... Something was off.

The witch immediately sat up and got herself in a more comfortable position albeit still on the table. Her crimson eyes immediately faced the direction of her enemy and soon enough her mouth was open spewing hateful words.

"So what am I doing in this shit hole? Are you going to do something already? She stood up from the table after those mocking words. Normally she would have just decided to kill him on spot but her long partnership with Shaen had made her rather reluctant to do this... Even though... "KILL HIM ALREADY, KILL KILL KILL KILL... The presence of the devil inside her prized book made it's presence known for the first time of the day though it wasn't exactly saying anything original... Still, maybe she should listen to him this time.

"Maybe I should just give you a better reason to cry than your foot there..."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: The Search Begins!   Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:07 pm

As she walked around her room, she paced. The trip was bound to be dangerous, at least by natural means. She was unprepared, for the route she was set on was not one she was familiar with. So, she began to pack her weapons, which consisted of a small knife, her bow, a somewhat larger knife; not quite a sword, but bigger and harder to conceal then her other one. She also decided that she would only need 50 or so arrows in her quiver, not trying to over-fill it, and of course, a map. Along with that, she brought a couple different robes, and a white dress, part of a very complex ploy she tends to use frequently. She would don this dress, slightly tattered and dirty, and play an innocent little girl's role. The more her enemies underestimated her, the easier the fight was. Along with that, she brought her belt, which had small throwing-knives on it. She tended to use these for more of a hunting means, not trying to waste her arrows.

As she was preparing to leave out, she was walking down the hall, and passed by Ramelus' room, and saw this strange girl with him, and he had his back turned. She pulled her knife, hiding it in her sleeve, and walked in. "Who are you? How did you find our hideout? Moreover, what are you doing in this room?"
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: The Search Begins!   

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Chapter 1: The Search Begins!
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