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Brief Bio Of Scenario

Imagine for a moment; a world very different from our own, yet in some ways very familiar. The continents and oceans all remain the same, but this world is touched not by the advancement of technology but by the influence of magic and alchemy. Magicians have become common place. Powerful conjurers wage war against one another for the sake of their kingdom, their families and sport.

This world also contains sets of magical items, ones that most people wouldn't really pay any attention to, they seem to look just like any other belt or necklace or medallion. These items are by no means weapons, and are But, to the worthy user, with a special inclination, these ancient powers present themselves to the lucky few. To said lucky few, these ancient powers will bestow one power onto the beholder, for them to use as they see fit. Let them be warned, as the host of these abilities will succumb to the power and become overwhelmed, should they prove themselves too weak, or become unfit to wield such power. But they can not leave the host's body, as they will only find a new user, should the current owner be presumed dead. The item will manifest itself to the user in the form of a familiar, a spirit animal who's form is dependent on the mind of the owner (Ex. One person's familiar will be in the form of a bat, another person will have one in the form of a rabbit.). These are simply ways to communicate with the owner, they can only be seen by their respective owners, and have their own free will, like a person would.

What You Know About The World.
With the essence of magic accompanying the world, the need for technology never advanced and medieval age technology is still in its prime. The roleplay will take place for the most part in western Europe/Eastern Asia. This section of the world is sectioned off into several kingdoms. There is a Colonial town in the center of these kingdoms called Zetrionith. This is where noblility from each kingdom gathers to watch gladitorial fighting and magical duels.
Six Kingdoms
One Neutral Colonial City

Zetrionith- Independent city. Current leader is Melizon Le-cruze. Former warriors and patrons of each of the countries decided to form a city outside the limitations of each of the empires to promote growth in each empire. It is by far one of the most developed establishments in all of the world. The great city spands nearly 200 miles itself and is a country all its own.

Lochrom- Main trade hub for outside the continent. Gets goods and other objects from foreign bodies over seas. Of the six nations, Locrom is the only region with sea area that isn't around it's own coastal bordrs and as such, the only means to trade fish and control a navy. As such, they have good relations all of the other areas for the goods it can provide.

Versath - Has a strong sense of the people fending for themselves in the climate, Versath has many snow storms and is prone to a very frigid climate. Families are generally sending the men off to fight, under normal conditions military set into Knight Castes. Ruled by a Royal family, then set governing bodies into knight caste townships. Current ruling body is the "Braddik Line".

Meridan - Land of the great churches. Ran by the church leader and home to many great clerics and monks. Great mountains and planes cross this entire area. This place, however, is said to be home to the most pure of the world is and some of the far more corrupt politcal bodies. Current leader of Meridan is "Count Mor'Lan".

Kakazu - This is a desolate area covered by deserts and a few mountains. This area is home to several different kinds of people and no real dominant faction in control. Every half a decade or so they exchange controling intrest with the tribes. Currently the Barbarians are in control. Current ruling member of Kakazu is "Bertall the Unrelenting".

Daroth -The nation can be considered somewhat of a mystery, as the government's true leaders have always been shrouded in secrecy. Their actions range often from aggressive to peaceful, with little rationalization as to why. Other than the occasional figurehead being spewed out every six months or so to convince the public as to some false motivation. It is Daroth that contains the largest concentrations of mages in the known world, with many aspiring scholars of the mystical arts traveling there to learn more about their ancient background. Current figure head Tano Zaze.

Tatrum- Is in a tight situation, with the leader having been recently executed during a military takeover, with high generals behind it. Originally being very closely involved in wordly affairs. Current controlling general "Aran Nâr".

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Background Information
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