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PostSubject: Ram'Kur's Character   Ram'Kur's Character EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 9:06 pm

Name:Ramelus Kuron
Assumed Alias: Ram'Kur

Age: 22

Race: Tiefling

Class: Rogue

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet tall

Weight:130 lbs

Hair Color: Ramelus has pitch black hair, with one silver stripe going down his left side, possibly inherited from his father.

Eye Color: He has piercing light green eyes.

Notable Facial Qualities: As a tiefling, Ramelus inherited demonic horns from his parents, which protrude slightly out of his scalp. Ramelus also has a redder shade skin than most humans or elves would, and wears a mask bearing the visage of a human skull to protect that fact, while still concealing his eyes from the outside.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: A scar edging very close to his left eye, from a confrontation he had in his youth. Ramelus generally wears his signature black scaled armor. It's not the lightest piece of equipment he uses, but it defines him as the leader of the Thieves Guild and strikes authority into his lesser members.

Personality: To those who know him, Ramelus has an outgoing nature, a caring nature to make sure that those who are close to him stay close to him. One might call him a wild man, considering how un-mannered he can be when he doesn't have to put on appearances for those around him. Above all, he won't hesitate to show him emotion when necessary. However, in the presence of his underlings, or various other strangers outside his circle, he will appear distant, demanding, cruel, and unusual, as he's forcibly learned over the years of his subjugation. No matter which persona he's using, Ramelus has a way with words that few can match.

Fears/Phobias: Dying alone.

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): One of Ramelus's most discerning traits is overconfidence. Believing that he shouldn't have to listen to any particular authority and defying anyone who stands against him often leads him into situations blindly, without really thinking of a way back out.


Legacy Item: While Ramelus's item appears to be a medallion hung by a silver chain, the medallion appears to have an indent in it where a small red gemstone fits into. This gemstone is his item, and has an ability similar to the one bestowed onto himself in that it can adapt to fit into any form of jewelry, be it a medallion or a ring or even a belt buckle.

Individual Powers: Given to Ramelus is the select power to be disguised in the context of the place he currently is in the area of. A bank teller in a bank, a guard in a vault, or even a king in a palace. Regardless, this power also has it's drawbacks as well as it's advantages. This power allows the user to appear as another only once to each person who's viewed said magical disguise. It will never work twice on the same person in the same place. Similarly, if someone has already seen Ramelus's eyes before, the disguise will fail. Someone with high intelligence could also see through the magic if they concentrated.

When/How your item manifested: Acquiring the item happened shortly after Ramelus cemented his position in Zetrionith as the leader of the Thieves Guild. A tip from an informant led them to a wealthy entrepreneur's mansion on the outskirts of town, who's owner had left on a business trip. Naturally, their band of thieves rushed to the scene and divided the rooms, taking whatever they found from each for themselves. At first, Ramelus was disappointed, all he seemed to find was a silver medallion on a chain, with a small red gemstone inside. However, it proved to be useful as they were leaving, not really making an effort to escape quietly, as they didn't expect resistance. Little did they know that a guard troop was waiting for them when they left, tipped off by the same informant who was working for them. It seemed like they'd all be going to prison, yet Ramelus was even more surprised to the guards' reaction to him specifically. Not only was he unrecognized, they seemed to be referring to a patrol guard that must have caught them, pointing to him. Taking a look at his pocket mirror, he could see that his appearance did match that of a patrol unit. Not bothering to question it for now, he took the opportunity to talk his way out of a jam, "escorting" these thieves he caught to the local prison. Having to walk with the troop for a while and keep conversation, they left after some time, giving them the opportunity to escape. But Ramelus alone found out that the item he found that day was magical, as the trip back revealed his familiar to him as well. Explaining the arrangement of the item he now holds, he was a bit bitter that he wouldn't be able to get rid of it, but accepted it.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): The item manifests itself to Ramelus as a bat, which he affectionately named Bat. Reflecting some of his resentment, they don't always see eye-to-eye. Bat has even given advice that could potentially kill his owner, terminating their bond and freeing him. But none of it has followed through, so far.


Country of Origin: Ramelus was born in Tatrum, but left for Zetrionith before they changed leadership.

Trained Skills: Ramelus is trained to wield most light one-handed weapons (Daggers, short swords, the occasional cutlass). He's also an excellent armorer, skilled at forging equipment, given the proper tools.

Current Occupation:Leader of the Zetrionith Thieves Guild

Background Information: Ramelus Kuron was born to a tiefling mother and father in what is now known as the Military Republic of Tatrum. In the community that they lived in, the majority of the population were humans and high elves; prejudice against their kind, and forced them into lower-class jobs like messengers and mine workers. Considerably, that intolerance seemed to piled onto Ramelus as a child, even if he didn't always get it directly. The dirty looks and the way most people seemed to stray away from him gave it away. All this stirred a resentment of humans and elves that lasted for most of his young life, until he left Tatrum, lingering still in some ways. School seemed to be somewhat of a reprieve for him, but it didn't make things that much better, since he seemed to be different than most of the kids around, and got picked on occasionally for it. However, he knew that it wasn't all bad. At the end of the day, he still had a mom and dad to come home to, which not everyone in his situation could have said for themselves. No matter what he had endured, his father taught him to keep pushing through.

His schooling didn't last long, as Ramelus had to help support the family after a while. With not many options for a 12 year old boy, he was sent to apprentice to a jeweler for a few extra coins. He proved talented at forging with his own hands, and eventually surpassed the abilities of his masters. However, no matter how good he showed himself to be, his master never took merit of him to take his place, and he always remained the student in his eyes. Just when he thought his life couldn't get any better, something strange happened. Just two years after he began his apprentice-ship, he stumbled upon a collection of weapons in the cellar of their small house. Ramelus didn't even know they had a cellar. It was then that he discovered his father's past as a cutthroat for hire. Knowing that his son had the determination to survive in this hellhole, he taught him in the art of combat. More importantly, fighting dirty to give him that extra advantage.

Little by little, Ramelus learned under his father to fight, pushing him to extremes until he used his weapons like they were second-nature. He even taught him other talents that he could use, like crafting armor. This came easy to him after his apprenticeship with the jeweler. As he grew, he took his lessons towards life, growing a more rebellious attitude about him and refusing to let life say no to him. This proved fruitful, opening a few more doors for him in town. There was a shift in his personality to this more arrogant, and overconfident person, who wouldn't let his appearance get in the way of his talents. Abandoning his apprenticeship for something more prosperous, he attempted to open up his own business on the other side of town. At first, he seemed to get along fine, but the local authorities seemed to catch wind of his operation after a while when he started doing some things that weren't exactly legal. Strangely enough, the authorities never officially managed to shut down the store; a mysterious fire was set off to burn the store without a trace.

Things seemed to be looking up for Ramelus, with his new change in attitude, he seemed to get more of a wave of respect, if not disgust outright. And the more he seemed to change, the more he got involved in dangerous activities. The local guards weren't exactly pleased with the fact that they couldn't catch him on any charges, as he seemed to evade them every time. However, one bad run-in with some folks who got conned out of their money got the guards onto his tail. They followed the trail to his home, where his father was residing, a bit too tired on that day to keep working in the mines. Questioning him for his son's actions, he denied the half that he was aware of, and would denounce that he knew of the other half. These men had been drinking before going in to question him, and were not exactly in the mood to drag him off to jail. It was a dark day for the Kuron family, as Ramelus came home to find a bloodbath of a mess. The guards were after him, and his father suffered for it. Not being able to bear the pain, or the idea of him getting captured after all this, he took whatever he could carry, including his weapons, and ran. He ran and ran far away, out of the city. All while the guards were chasing after him, one managed to graze him practically an inch away from his eye, and got him to bleed. But he kept running. He kept running until his legs couldn't hold him up anymore, and only then, did he stop. Knowing he couldn't return home, he looked for a place where he would be accepted. Zetrionith had stood out among his options, and it proved to be the closest place to go. So Ramelus set out for Zetrionith in search of fame and fortune, carving his way out by whatever means necessary. And.. well, he found one of those things.

As a fully grown man, Ramelus (now Ram'Kur) seized control of the Zetrionith Thieves Guild through blood and charm. After what he'd suffered through, most things didn't really phase him. A pickpocket tried to pilfer him just a few minutes after he entered the city. That woman didn't last very long. Over time, he showed how fast he could plunder this city inside and out with just some clever tactics. Learning the guards' patrol times, their patterns, the daily bells, as well as many other factors led to ways into manipulating the city into some loot of his own. His competitors stepped aside out of fear and respect. Those who didn't suffered similar fates as the pickpocket. All in all, he built a cozy niche around those he could trust, bearing his soul to those who were stuck just like him. He made a home that he preserved to make sure that it didn't practice any of the misdeeds he knew that were horrid, but he did regardless. It became a new family. But, as Ram'Kur knew all too well, it can't be helped if bad things happen in the family..

Life Experiences: Went to school from 6 - 12, dropped out to support his family. Apprenticed with a jeweler for 4 years to make an honest living. Discovered his father's collection of weapons and tools, and learned the ways of the mercenary from him. Left the man at 16 to try his hand at his own business. Burned it to the ground 5 months later. Worked various cons and schemes until he was 18, when his father was murdered and he fled Tatrum. Arrived in Zetrionith a month later. Killed a pickpocket ten minutes after he arrived in Zetrionith. Unofficially joined the Thieves Guild at 19. Became the leader of the guild at 21, after exiling his predecessor for false charges of conspiring with the city authorities against them.
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Ram'Kur's Character
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