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Vind'lan the Ever Loyal

Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
18 years old
Humanoid (Exact race isn't apparent to outsiders.)
He wears a full cloth set. It is black in color with white accent marks. It is marked with the signs of wee jas and the monastery. His head is covered by a cloth head covering. (No longer wears the crown like prongs on the side of his head covering as picture depicts.)
He walks with a gentle demeanor but deliberate. Never exhumes more energy then required
He has several tattoos on his body showing. A caged bird on his right shoulder. A gold piece on the back of his neck. 2 holy marks of the god Wee Jas on each of his hands just under his Knuckles.
He does not Smoke, drink` or use drugs of any kind.

His item is a piece of cloth he wears as a belt. It doesn't seem to give him any powers. Although he does commune with it. It also has put him down a traditional path the monks do not follow any longer.

He is highly trained in several kinds of skills. He was trained in acrobatic means. Can climb quite effectively and has a good sense of both vision and hearing. He has a near second sense when it comes to area type of attacks such as explosives, fireballs and traps. ("Evasion").

Vin stands tall and true. He is a firm believer in what is right and has taken the path of the 6 Vows. His most concerning vow is the vow of life. He will not kill any living creature if it can be helped. Second, the vow of Obedience. He will obey his master without fail. Third, the vow of poverty. Never live better then any other man if you can help it. 4th, the Vow of Purity, You shall not drink or introduce drugs into your system. 5th the vow of Celibacy. The Sixth vow he has told no one of and it is uncertain as to why he has taken it.

He was born in the monastery and had known no other place for most of his life. He was left on its doorstep with nothing but a torn piece of cloth wrapped around him. Vin has trained with the monks since the day he was old enough to clench a fist and stand up right. Sometime around his 17th birthday he heard a strange voice in his head. This of course turned out to be the cloth that was with him when he arrived at the monastery. It told him it was once a great master and that it could help him achieve that power as well. He decided to leave the monastery and follow the teachings of the artifact.

A year after this decision he can be seen as a major figure in the city. He is head of the personnel guard for Jaex the under leader of the city of Zetrionith. No one is really sure how or why the young man works for Jaex. But 1 thing is certain he is very loyal to the man and will do whatever the man asks of him. He seems to be a gentle spirit tho. He doesent like to inflict pain on people and has never been seen killing anyone tho the other bodyguards of Jaex are far less Sympathetic. He is a user and follower of the way of the Shadow- Sun ninjas, who despite the name were a group of monks. They believed every person was born with an incredible amount of evil in there body and it was there job to use this evil to do all the good possible. This belief system and way of life has innate abilities in combat.

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