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PostSubject: Allessalei Atmora Clere   Allessalei Atmora Clere EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 9:19 pm

Name: Allessalei Atmora Clere

Age: 20

Race: Elf

Class: Cleric

Gender: Female

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 102

Hair Color: Silver/White

Eye Color: Green

Notable Facial Qualities: As all of the Elven race, her ears come to a distinct point. Allessalei has a unique marking on her face, just above her nose, depicting a cross, which she believes is a sign of Holy authority, and is why she has followed her chosen life path so closely and devoutly.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Allessalei can be found at any time of day wearing a white hooded robe, with a yellow pendant of an Eye, with a cross as the pupil, on the top of the hood, as well as the chest, and back area. Other than her robe, Allessalei holds no other physical qualities that are unique or distinguishing.

Personality: Allessalei holds her religion and her Gods before anything, and they are her top priority. Allessalei is calm mannered, and well-tempered, but despises all of those who do not have a religious foundation, or have a demonic history or bloodline.

Fears/Phobias: Allessalei fears only those who try to pry her from her devout religious beliefs, as well as the fear that the Gods may become displeased with her, and punish her by removing her Holy abilities.

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): Allessalei, in confrontation, is very hesitant, not wanting to engage in physical confrontation due to her religious beliefs, which she must overcome at times. She also has a very firm belief in her Religion, which causes her to think in a more religious manner, than strategically, sometimes hindering her ability in combat, the seldom times she does enter it.


Legacy Item: Allessalei’s Legacy item is a necklace, holding a Holy Cross as a pendant, which identically replicates the marking on her face.

Individual Powers: As part of her gift from her Religions Gods, by clasping her necklace firmly by her hand, she can slightly heal herself. Another power that was gifted to her from her Gods, along with her Crane, is the ability to create a gusting swirl of crane feathers around a chosen range, as a form of disorientation of any enemies, giving her time to pray to her Gods, or to recover herself with her necklace.

When/How your item manifested: Allessalei’s Item appeared to her after her religious enlightenment had been completed, and she had obtained her close contact with her Gods. Allessalei firmly believes that the Gods themselves gifted her this necklace. While away at a shrine, high in the mountains that surrounded Meridan, she discovered her necklace, which she found to be oddly familiar. It took her a short time to realize that this necklace had the exact same marking as she did. The same evening, after falling asleep, she had been contacted by her Gods through her dreams, them telling her that the necklace had been left for her sole use, as a part of her unmatched worship to them. Through that dream, its powers were explained to her, as well as the careful instructions of how to unlock the necklace and its capabilities. After waking up, Allessalei, as she had been told, took the necklace, placing the crossed pendant directly onto the cross shaped marking on her forehead. The voices of her Gods sang through her mind, as she placed the necklace around her collar.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): Crane (Rosalie)


Country of Origin: Meridan

Trained Skills: Allessalei’s only real power other than those provided to her by her Gods, is the ability to concentrate ice, and cast ice based spells, ranging from a simple constant flow of ice to freeze her opponents, to shards of ice, as well as a wide ranged “blizzard”.

Current Occupation: Allessalei is a Priestess in Meridan.

Background Information: Ever since birth, Allessalei had been exposed to religion, the same religion that she devoutly followed today. Everyone in Meridan believed her to be of high Holy standing, due to her marking above her eyes. She lived in a family of religious Preachers, who led their own churches, just as she would, some short years down the road.
Life Experiences: At the age of 14, Allessalei began her religious enlightenment, and training, to become a priest just has her parents. After 3 years of rigorous studies and travels, she had completed her enlightenment, and had found her connection to her Gods. While away at a shrine, high in the mountains that surrounded Meridan, she discovered her necklace, which she found to be oddly familiar. It took her a short time to realize that this necklace had the exact same marking as she did. From that moment on, Allessalei has been in very good graces with her Gods, who gifted her two large abilities, and established firm connections with them, praying to them several times daily, as they continued to aide her throughout her endeavors. At the age of 19, her parents passed their church to her, naming her one of the High Priestess’ of Meridan. For the year that she has led her church, she has helped the followers of her religion, become closer to their Gods, and to obtain a higher meaning with the Gods. A year after her becoming the High Priestess, Allessalei had decided to do a bit of travelling, and had made arrangements to travel to Zentrionith, to experience the different religious views, as well as the general feel for a new area, after she had grown weary of Meridan. She had made plans to hold a religious gathering in Zentrionith at some point during her stay, making her leaving more accepted by her fellow Priests and Priestess'.

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