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 Marshmallon's Character

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PostSubject: Marshmallon's Character    Marshmallon's Character  EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 5:43 pm

Name: Zanfire Arrowway (Zan)

Age: 23

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 180

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Red

Notable Facial Qualities: Ear piecing, Medium length hair

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: broad shoulders

Personality: Hot-headed

Fears/Phobias: the loss of friends/family , failure

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): Self-less, rebellious


Legacy Item: Earring

Individual Powers: Intangibility (Up to 1 hour per day)

When/How your item manifested: Stolen from a Traveling Merchant at age 13. Its full potential wasn't realized until age 22. The raw rage of his only brother being imprisoned and the undeniable love of his nephew burned with him until his earring began to burn. Its metals melted within his skin until the earring was irremovable.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): Lion (Leo)


Country of Origin: Zetrionith

Trained Skills: Hand to hand- Sword play

Current Occupation: Blacksmith

Background Information:
Orphan since age 7. Mother died at birth. Abandoned by father at age 7. Raised on the streets of Zetrionith. Has a younger brother of 18, Leomorn(Leo). At age 7 got first job as a dish washer at the local tavern. Was fired 3 months later due to inexperience. At age 8 turned to a life of thieving. Learned to pick locks, pockets, and steal from merchants over the next 2 years. Was imprisoned at age 14 for stealing from a passing lord. Leo was then forced to follow in his brothers footsteps as a thief.

Zan was released 3 years later. He then spent 2 weeks searching for his brother. After not being able to find his brother he decided to make an honest living. He then started to forge and spar with the knights. After defeating one of the greater knights at age 18, he was then offered a position in the military as a knight.

While on a trip back home after 4 years of service, Zan then found Leo on trial for thievery. Zan then put up all the money he had made from the military up for his brother. This however, wasn't enough. Zan had last words with his brother before his sentencing. Leo would be in prison for a very long time. Leo then asked Zan to raise Leo's son as if he were Zan's son. Zan accepted this task and left the military and went back to Smithing to support his new found nephew.

Life Experiences: Military (4 years), Raising a child. 3 years in prison.

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PostSubject: Re: Marshmallon's Character    Marshmallon's Character  EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 1:03 pm

Adjust your power set to accommodate one individual power from your Legacy Item. Strength and Speed increases are not powers, and if they were, you'ld still have to limit yourself to one of them. It'll be approved then.
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Marshmallon's Character
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