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 Zeke; The Shaman

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PostSubject: Zeke; The Shaman   Zeke; The Shaman EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 5:58 pm

Name: Zeke Ryoujinmaru

Age: Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: ?

Race: Human

Class: Shaman

Gender: Male


Weight: A constant 150lbs.

Hair Color: Black/Silver (If Shamanic attributes active)

Eye Color: Brown/Turquoise (If Shamanic attributes active)

Notable Facial Qualities: Zeke has a face untouched by war seemingly, though it is impossible to place his birth date on a calendar and easily realize when he was born, it becomes impossible to recognize how many wars he may, or may not have been a part of.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Other than his "Baby face" qualities, Zeke, shows signs of incredible confidence and collectivism. It's almost as though he's learned years of experience through a short period of time, and his attitude, or personality reflects that of someone far beyond his years.

Personality: Laid-back; Calm; Collected; Tactful.

Fears/Phobias: Spiders, Death (Again?), Love lost.

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): Far too trusting; seemingly can see the "good" in everyone and everything.


Legacy Item: Mortuary Tablet always present either in his Katana's sash or somewhere on his person.

Individual Powers:
Cutlers Cleave: This ability is seemingly one that is long range as well as close range. The Katana Zeke wields curves at the blades tip taking on the appearance of a scythe, additionally adding to his range, but making him a fearsome close ranged opponent. This ability allows him to use many of his other Shamanic Abilities. (Shamanic Control must already successfully be active.)

Kyouubaku: A skill that utilizes the "Cutlers Cleave" ability to send a wave of shamanic energy toward the opponent.

Pull Garen!: Pull Garen is an ability that utilizes the chain of Zeke's Cutlers Cleave to draw in an enemy to attack range. If clasping to an enemies appendage the ability will inevitably drag in an opponent seemingly ignoring their strength difference.

Passage to the Overworld: Zeke's ultimate attack. By concentration his enhanced shamanic physical abilities go further, and can seemingly take a massive amount of damage at one time, while entering a blind fury to attack the opponent despite damage done to the body. If the enemy is hit more than 9 times with this attack, Zeke can utilize his finishing blow. After utilizing this ability Zeke loses the bulk of his shamanic abilities.

Leave This World: If 'Passage to the Overworld' has at least 9 successful hits, the opponents body is marked in Kanji's that inevitably weaken the opponent to a state where Zeke can fight them on an even playing field. Using this ability ends all of his other shamanic abilities.

When/How your item manifested: Early in a life, that Zeke can't readily recall, the young boy found himself researching a power that could literally turn the tide of war, though showed very little properties greater than anything else he was accustomed to. The scrolls, tomes, and books he literally sped read through, taught him nothing but rituals and incantations that he soon became accustomed to. His life seemed to be at a stand still, that was until, he found himself in the middle of a war for sport. This was before a stadium was built and towns were nothing more than playgrounds for lords and kings. The boy couldn't help but become curious as to why they were fighting, but his curiosity drove him too close to the battle. He remembers this moment as the spear shaped scar across his heart. The moment he should have died. A cavalry officer charged Zeke, as though he was another soldier aiming to pierce him, stricken with blood lust, when he saw the vision of Tsukidomai. Zeke was not a normal kid however. He'd long since hoped and prayed for a way to communicate with the spirits around him and once the mortuary tablet in his breast activated, Tsukidomai, and the small tablet were utilized as a dagger to slay the cavalry man. The occurance was almost instantaneous and his death swift, though the boy seemingly disappeared moments after, not leaving so much as a foot step in his wake.

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): Ancient deathbringer guardian ghost, Tsukidomai. The form of a humanoid demon.


Country of Origin: Daroth

Trained Skills:

Shamanic Speech: Zeke has the ability to see, and speak with the dead. Wether they be spirits, legacy ghosts, or anything that retains a human-esque or humanoid form and can speak the English language. Beyond that, he can interact with these spirits, or souls, I.E. Allowing them to touch him, or being able to touch them. Zeke's physical abilities are enhanced. Strength, speed, cognitive perception, hearing, etc. , Swordsmanship, Lancer

Current Occupation: Palm reader, fortune teller, street performer.

Background Information:

Quote :
"I'm not sure where this road will take me, but I won't know until I give it a try. . ." - Zeke

At a young age, Zeke was haunted by the stories of his grandfather, once a general in Daroth's 'secret' task force of armies, that seemed to uphold a value of magic over anything else. Yes, his grandfather was a wizard that was well renowned for his age, though he seemed to become crazy after a short period. Even Zeke couldn't whole heartily believe his bed time tales of those lost during the wars, or those killed during battles still clinging to the battle fields. It wasn't until his grandfather's disappearance that the young boy began to seek out his own information. He was eight when his father left the farm and remade his life under a new title. He followed the man of course, in his free time, trying desperately to become a wizard, though his efforts always seemed to fail. When he was alone, he'd check out tomes, or books from the local library to research any chance mention of a Shaman or their abilities. Soon the government had become uncaring to their nations people and sought to strike fear into the hearts of their subordinates. It's unknown how long ago this was, though Zeke tried desperately to escape the madness. His mother had become an alcoholic whore, working in the nearest brothel to support the boy. So his only choice was to join the war front, or so he thought. Once he was shut out of the recruitment ceremony for accidentally casting a high level spell and destroying a large portion of the army tents, one man took a liking to him. He taught him low level magic, and how to control his abilities, but more than that, he told him the same stories his grandfather use to speak of. Of Shaman's, and spirits, and those that could wield power great enough to unmake the seem between life and death. This quickly became the boys only reason for living.

Quote :
"Well, I guess this could prove useful. . . Let's just throw it away for someone else to find, yea?"
- Zeke

Zeke began to travel from town to town, from nation to nation, using his magic as a catalyst to perform for others as entertainment and hopefully getting him to the next area. It wasn't until he reached the halls of Kakuzu that he found himself in need of an actual way out. The warring of the area caught the boy off guard, and even in his teen years he was more squeemish and less than a man than anyone in the area. He'd been dropped off in hell with nothing more than his nerd books to keep him company. He soon found himself in the middle of a war where his life changed. He began to learn from the customs of the nation, picking up sword and spear, and pitting his combat skills against other's. Since he was still young, he could learn quickly and grasp techniques with ease. He realized that whatever happened to him, Tsukidomai, his spirit friend, had caused and he was seemingly unable to age. Soon enough, Zeke felt as though the place was not one he could reside in for long. He started to seek a way out, though he always became side tracked by war with the tribes. He began moving under the cover of a cassock cloak combination, under the name of the shadow. His prowess in battle was haunting though, his conscious made him unable to keep up with such a debt of life taking. It didn't help that Tsukidomai continuously hungered for more and more souls. . . never blood or bones. . .souls. He began to walk, walk far from place to place finally finding a way to Zetrionith where he began to use his spirit friends ability to be unseen by normal people and spy on them. Before long he could tell anyone their "future" his real trick was reeling them in with tales of what they'd done the night before or a few weeks back. It was an honest living, but it afforded him a slight lapse of luxury. Recently, he's become slowly interested in the wars more, and though he can bite back the urge to fight, he's thinking of making a living by lending his abilities to a lord. Which, is the real question.

Life Experiences: Zeke has experience in war and various training with weapons even some hand to hand combat. He's by no small measure a master at any of these practices, though he isn't a person to scoff at for some reason or the other.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeke; The Shaman   Zeke; The Shaman EmptySat Sep 08, 2012 2:00 pm

1 thing i have to comment on, your character tho well written doesn't exactly fit any real description for a shaman. So for the sake of schematics i will simply ask you to re declare your character class as a War Priest as i feel it makes more sense then a shaman`. "You may keep your speak with dead ability as i feel it adds a good feel to the character premise."
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Zeke; The Shaman
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