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 Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer

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PostSubject: Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer   Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 12:45 am

Name: Shikon Tabula

Age: 25 Actual age: Unknown

Race: Human, Cursed Corpse

Class: Sorcerer

Gender: Male

Height: 6'11"

Weight: a constant 110lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Violet

Eye Color: Crimson Red

Notable Facial Qualities: Shikon was a creature that resembled an undead servant, but far worse and more preserved because of his curse, which included a bony and skeletal appearance. He usually carries a pitch-black scar on his left eye from a battle that he last had survived from during his early years.

Other Distinguishing Physical Qualities: There is a large third eye in the center of his chest which is often used for spellcasting and spiritual interface. By the looks opon his face, people can instantly reallize what kind of troubles that he had during his past years. His body shows significant signs of power and will through the number of souls he collected.

Personality: Calm; Somewhat Sinister; Proud; Cautious; Tactical

Fears/Phobias: Loss of his own soul, Mortality

Other Characteristic Flaws(Such as greedy, or so forth.): Slightly Stubborn, Can "sense" the presence of his opponents.


Legacy Item: Eye of Diablos, always present in the center of his chest.

Individual Powers:

Soul Dispersion: This ability draws the powers of the Eye of Diablos, allowing Shikon to absorb the souls of his defeated enemies, often resulting in the mummification of the victims.

Diablos Resonance: This ability draws the powers of the Eye of Diablos, increasing the power of Shikon's magical energies by the essense of his collected souls. This is a useful ability to use during tough battles.

Necro-Kagame: This ability uses the power of Shikon's magical essenses, creating a powerful aura around him to reduce damage done by the opponent. If used wisely, this would be of much use during a much hesitant fight.

Necronemesis: This ability uses the power of Shikon's magical essenses which are motioned through the Eye of Diablos, allowing Shikon to communicate with his allies through spiritual contact.

Nikiku Magase (Shadow Claw): One of Shikon's primary spells. This ability pulses magical energy through Shikon's sceptor and his hands, blasting out a semi-black bolt of lightning at the opponent. If powered up by Diablos Resonance, can allow Shikon to blast out lightning at multiple opponents at a time, though being a basic strong attack.

Kaske Suziku (Spirit Testament): One of Shikon's powerful spells. Draws on the power of the Eye of Diablos, allowing him to summon his collected souls to serve him. It can be used in battle as well to have the souls aid him in an outnumbered situation.

Danki Tsugetma (Aura Mirror): One of Shikon's well-known spells. This ability draws on the powers of his magical essenses, allowing him to repel combat attacks and certian magic attacks with his sceptor and hands. If powered up by Diablos Resonance, can be able to repel agianst any attack from the opponent at any time it is used.

Detraga-Kuge Repanusha (Fang of the Reaper): Shikon's most feared spell. This ability draws on the full power of the Eye of Diablos, allowing him to jolt out blasts of spiritual energy from long range, paralyzing and damaging the opponents around him. If successfully used, the collected souls can utilize their power together under the controller's will to initiate an incredibly devestating finishing blow.

Kaske-Hubagene Yukazikone (Spirit-Force Judgement): Shikon's ultimate attack. After Detraga-Kuge Repanusha has gained a successful hit on 1 or more targets, the collected souls of the user combine their spiritual energies into a destructive force and blast out a barrage of black-violet lightning bolts at the opponents, severely damaging them beyong injured status and absorbing the magical essenses of the enemies if any.. Afterward, the magical essenses of the user are restored depending on the quantity of energy the opponents had left.

When/How your item manifested: During his past experiences, Shikon, as a grown man, had journeyed through the valleys of the sacred boneyards as a way of relaxing. As a man full of enjoyment in the dark in those days, he often did so at night. However, during a midnight stroll, he noticed a dark cave inside one of the temples where he had once seen. As he explored, Shikon was seemingly amazed when he discovered that it was a resting place for an ancient item known as the Eye of Diablos. During the ancient times, the Eye was created by Nether Mages to be used during execution ceremonies, to give judgements to those who trialed agianst them. However, when Shikon had taken the Eye, dark energy pulsed through it and around his body, sealing the eye within his chest and giving him the curse of immortality. Over the years, he had trained with many spellcasters and mages, making way into the known dark arts until he finally mastered it. He had become the ultimate in dark magic and enchantment. Then, his life had come into a sudden standstill. His purpose in Daroth was finished. So, he went upon numerious journeys throughout the land, trying to find his new purpose in the world he knows, leaving the everlasting trail that had been his burden years and years ago.....

Form of Familiar (Animal Manifestation): The Spirit of the Eye, Khasamikude. The form of a skeletal cyclops.


Country of Origin: Daroth, The Magical Land

Trained Skills:

Necro-Folliazation: Shikon has the ability to see, hear, touch, and speak to the deserted spirits of others who have wandered into eternity. Spiritual contact has become natural for his curse, even though he still isn't used to having an audience around to listen to his translations. The Eye of Diablos restores his muscular appearence due to the number of souls that he has collected, as well as reincarnated. His physical abilities are also enhanced as well.

Current Occupation: Dark Sorcerer, Keeper of the Eye, Spiritualist

Background Information: Unknown

Life Experiences: Known to be a ruler of the dark arts, he is the kind of man who has the anticipation to being an anti-hero. He tends to take a side of his own gain sometimes and often restrains himself from being aggressive at his allies at certian events.
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PostSubject: Re: Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer   Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 2:54 pm

I've only got a few things to pass onto you, as most of this is interesting. Nevertheless:

1.The Legacy Item provides you with ONE Power. That power can be expanded into many different forms, but overall, you only have one power that you can use. Narrow down your abilities to one set form, whether they be absorbing souls, using spiritual energy around you for offensive/defensive purposes, or conjuring dead souls. Anything that can be used as a spell should be added to the Trained Skills section as a spell isolated from your Legacy Item.

2.Detail. I love the detail you've put into your powers, but your story information leaves much to be desired. There's a difference between being mysterious with your lack of details and just having no detail at all.

3.Flaws. Sensing the presence of your opponent is much more of a strength than a weakness. Your character is immortal and has virtually no sense of counterbalance to him. As powerful as he may appear to be, keep in mind that each character has some sort of way to keep them balanced among the others. You can be killed, just like everyone else, and your personality is still considered human. Add some sort of way to make yourself seem more conquerable.

Fix all these things, and I can approve this character.
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Shikon, Master Dark Sorcerer
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